The artist’s earlier work is focused primarily on anatomical forms, depicted exclusively in black and white and reflecting a marked realism. For many years, his main objective would be to shape his idea into a concrete picture, figurative abstraction playing an essential role. The personal motives and concerns and the extensive reading underlying his work spoke with the clarity of monochrome and the expressiveness of the strong lines evolving throughout his earlier drawings.

From the beginning, Carrillo’s work has been distinctly characterized by unique autobiographical aspects. Sexual development plays an important part whereby the artist acts as an observer: Each step of the process means a discovery on a personal and intimate level. Each creation becomes a page in a book filled with the author’s personal experience, memories, fears, and expectations, thereby blending dreams and reality.

Lately, the artist has been concerned with the fact that this codification into form as a special means of expressing an idea simultaneously limits the legibility of his work. Thus, a process of finding a universal language has begun, designed to bring the concept of the artist‘s picture and its viewer closer together.

In his search, the artist has chosen the path of experimentation. His search, and ultimately his work, have been continuously diversified, accommodating a wide array of techniques and tendencies. Two clear directions have evolved: drawings in monochrome on the one hand, and paintings in color on the other hand. However, the basic ideas have remained the same.